On Monday we celebrate the feast of Christmas – a time that brings not only joy but also acts of solidarity that are typical in Maltese society. 

Christmastime is when we stop to think about the welfare of others. If Christmas were to come and go and our love for God and for the people around us is not enhanced, then Christmas has come in vain.  We all seek to live our lives in the true spirit of Christmas, but the question we should be asking ourselves is are we committed to living in this spirit constantly and on every occasion?  

The birth of Jesus Christ is not simply a story we heard when we were young or a tale we hear each year, but a story that is re-lived around us all year round. It is a tale of hope and faith, a tale of a family that sought shelter in difficult circumstances and strove for a better life. 

Throughout the years we have seen this story repeat itself in various ways. We have seen and heard of families fighting poverty and injustices in Malta and around the world. Others who lost their job and, in spite of all their efforts, have not been able to find another one.  These families struggle to make ends meet. Others are battling illnesses or are struggling with addiction.  

Voice of the Workers believes that the best gift we can give such people is our determination to do all we can to help them find the support they need so that next year is a better one for them and their families. 

Solidarity must be shown always and everywhere. Real love is expressed in actions not words. In our small way we need to ask ourselves: what are we doing to reach out to others, to ensure that we live in a society and in a world that encourages tolerance, solidarity, true compassion and peace? 

Have a Happy Christmas!