Statistics for September 2017 published by Eurostat showed that the inflation rate of the Euro Area remains stable at 1.5%, when compared to the annual inflation in 2017, which also stood at 1.5%. In the European Union as a whole, the inflation rate stood at 1.8%. In September 2016, the inflation rate of both the Euro Area and the EU stood at 0.4%, showing a general rise in inflation over the past year.

The lowest rates were registered in Cyprus (0.1%), Ireland (0.2%) and Finland (0.8%), while it remained highest in Lithuania (4.6%), Estonia (3.9%) and Latvia (3.0%). Malta registered an inflation rate of 1.2%, the sixth lowest in the EU.

According to Eurostat, the upward impacts to the annual inflation rates in the Euro Area came from transport fuels, accommodation services and heating oils. The main downward impacts came from telecommunications and social protection.

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