When children are young we encourage them to become what they wish to become when they get older. But when they get older, the message changes. 

When the children find themselves in secondary school, their parents or guardians start to teach them to be practical. The children, bit by bit, stop believing that their dreams can become a reality. 

Some children grow up without losing their self confidence – or believing that they can do what they want and become what they want. What is so special about these children? 

Maybe those children who turn their dreams into reality have the support of their family, who encourages them not to give up on their ambitions. Maybe those children who do not give up on their dreams are the children who do not care what others think. You need to have courage to say “ I want to do it my way.” 

The first step to finding the work that challenges you – that makes the most of your talents, personality and passions – and that offers you more than just a salary, is to give yourself permission to start dreaming again. 

As adults we may feel silly or confused when we let ourselves dream big – as we did when we were young. But without a dream to work towards, how can one take the necessary steps towards the life or career one wants? 

That is why we need to give ourselves the permission to create a vision for our life and our career. We are not talking about goals – these will come later. If the vision for your life is lacking, the goals become simply items on a list. To find the work you love you need to go further. You can do this as follows:- 

  • Grab a diary and start writing in it. Write about what you want in your life and career. Do not censor yourself; 
  • Accept the fact that all that happened in your life so far was meant to happen. When we complain about our circumstances and consider our present situation as hopeless, embarrassing or not one we deserve, we create obstacles for ourselves and we will not succeed; 
  • Expand your life vision as much as you can; the more clearly you see your future the easier it will be for you to embark on the right road;  
  • When your vision is taking shape, take a good look at it from a different perspective; 
  • Now, develop a plan and draw up the steps you will need to take; some may be short term while others will be long term. 

Your life is in your hands. No one will decide for you how you should invest your time and talents. Good luck!