We are all human. To be human means to be blessed with emotions and to have the ability to think.  We can be annoying,but we can also be beautiful on the inside. We can express our love for others and we can be disappointing. We can be surly and we can emphatise. We could be the cause of hate in the world or we could be a force of good. We try. We fail and we succeed. 

At the place of work, however, we sometimes treat this phenomenon as being unacceptable. But why? If we are not allowed to make mistakes, then we should be employing robots not people. 

Some argue that robots have already started replacing people. Robots eliminate human error. They are always accurate, as long as there is no fault in the machine. Robots work continuously, tirelessly and they do not have a private life. They never have a family emergency, take sick leave or have a reason for not coming in to work. They are the perfect employees … and the most tedious colleagues. 

The human employee is not perfect. We all make mistakes and this is what makes us special. Maybe we need to make mistakes to learn. Maybe we go through emotional moments and we need time with our friends and family. We will never be able to work without stopping or without emotion like robots. A robot will never have a meaningful conversation with you. Robots will never respect someone the way loyal employees do. They will never be able to relate with you emotionally. A robot will never be there for you the way a human person is. Emotions cannot be programmed. 

Employers probably want their employees to be perfect. But employers need to appreciate the fact that the best colleagues are the ones who correct their colleagues when they make a mistake.  And, as human employees, we strive to not make the same  mistakes. 

When employees do not have the space to grow, this keeps them from gaining new skills and the company loses out on what the employee could have potentially offered. 

Over all, we need to accept that we are human at the place of work because this is what makes us unique.