The UĦM Voice of the Workers, together with the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) is holding a seminar on the European Pillar of Social Rights at the Cavalieri Hotel in St Julians from Thursday 23 to Friday 24 November 2017. 

A number of local and foreign speakers will be explaining how this European Pillar, and the initiatives it will give rise to, will be integrated in today’s society. 

The European Pillar, which was discussed during a summit held in Gothenburg in Sweden on the 17 November encompasses 20 rights and principles, among them “adequate and stable jobs”, “the right to just pay” and “the right to a high level of health and safety protection at the workplace.” 

This union is hoping that these and other principles will make the leap from words on a page to specific laws and regulations and policies that can make a positive difference to working people’s lives. 

It is hoped that, finally, Europe will move on from austerity to social rights and solidarity. If the principles encompassed in the Social Pillar are implemented, working people will be given new hope that they will benefit from the economic recovery of the European Union and this regional institution will regenerate itself. 

The Gothenburg summit, the first high level social gathering of the EU in 20 years, needs to be followed by a serious commitment to start implementation of, among other things, the Plan of Action of the European Commission and of member states including Malta. This is to ensure that there are new legislative initiatives, policies, measures and actions to implement the rights that are encompassed within the Social Pillar. 

There also need to be new opportunities to address common challenges of the job market and models to safeguard the welfare of society  today and in the future.