To help people with disabilities travel more easily between EU countries, the EU is developing a system of mutual recognition based on an EU Disability Card. 

Currently, there is no mutual recognition of disability status between EU Member States which makes things difficult for persons with disabilities travelling to other EU countries. 

With the help of this card, people with disabilities will be able to identify themselves as disabled in other EU Member States. In turn they will also be able to benefit from various discounts in establishments. A common EU Disability Card will ensure equal access to certain specific benefits, mainly in the areas of culture, leisure, sport and transport. The card will be mutually recognised between EU countries participating in the system, on a voluntary basis. 

The card does not change national eligibility criteria or rules. Member States retain their discretion to decide who is eligible to receive the card, using the national definition of disability, and to determine the issuing procedure. 

In Malta, the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) launched an new website by which it will be taking care of new applicants for the EU Disability Card. For more information one can contact the CRPD directly. 

This project is co-financed by the Human Rights program, Equality and Citizenship of the European Union.