What is the meaning of life? What are we living for? Are we ‘lent’ to the world for a short time, then to disappear for ever? Or is life, for us, a journey with a destination, and if this is so, what is our final destination? 

We should all think about this and ask ourselves: what values are we living by? What are the objectives that we are aiming for? 

The late Freddie Mercury was a musical legend who became very popular through his music. He lived the lifestyle he chose and, apart from achieving fame, he lived a life of luxury and amassed great riches and material assets. He tried everything life had to offer but failed to find an adequate reply to the question he himself asked before he died through the song The Show Must Go On“Empty spaces – what are we living  for, abandoned places – I guess we know the score, on and on, does anybody know what are we looking for?” 

  There are people who have managed to leave the dream but found that reality is but a dream and an illusion.  Human beings sometimes seek to create air bubbles and are impressed with beautiful colours that they try to catch but which slip through their fingers and vanish into thin air. Having said this, it does not seem that we can live a life without purpose. Something inside us drives us to follow our dreams. 

It would be tragic to find at the end of this life on earth that our dreams are nothing but that, dreams! To look back on your life when it is too late and find that your life had no value. That you have wasted it! The question then is even more urgent: why are we living?  What is our purpose in life? 

We must all strive to give our life purpose.  We must, among other things, ensure that our motivation is intrinsic. We find our life purpose when we work for something that truly helps us realise our true potential. We must live according to our values. It is also advisable to merge what makes us stronger with our passions. 

If you want a reply to the question “what is the meaning of life” you need to roll up your sleeves and work towards your goals. You can choose to continue living a mundane life without satisfaction and you can pretend that you do not know that there is more to life. Some day – maybe within the next few months or even years – you may wake up and feel miserable because you did not do anything when you had the opportunity. So, what are you waiting for? Get off the chair and grab the opportunity today before it is too late!