MEUSAC, following its re-activation back in 2008, has been at the forefront in engaging stakeholders representing many sectors to voice concerns and opinions to the Government on a number of proposed EU policies that are discussed at Council level. The Council is the EU institution that gives a voice to governments of EU Member States 

This process has been facilitated through a number of consultation and information sessions organised by MEUSAC at local level. Proposed policies and laws are explained thoroughly to all concerned in a bid to gather feedback to help Malta take a stand in preparation for discussions at Council level. 

During 2019, MEUSAC embarked on an ambitious project aimed at better understanding stakeholder needs and concernsAs part of its plans to bolster the services that are currently being offered, MEUSAC is currently meeting various stakeholders on a one-to-one level to discuss the best way forward in terms of facilitating a process that is ultimately aimed at consolidating stakeholder influence in the EU’s decision-making processes.  

Following internal discussions, MEUSAC has this year decided on deepening its understanding of a number of thematic areas that require further stakeholder engagement and eventual feedback. As a result, stakeholders in various sectors are being engaged to gauge level of interest in selected thematic areas and their potential level of contribution.