There are those who make resolutions for the new year.  Some vow to go on a diet, others to watch their tongue! How about we make a resolution to better the environment around us? One idea could be making our voice heard against climate change. It is never too late to take action. 

It would be a good idea to journey with more responsibility.  Walking or cycling are among the easiest ways to cut down on pollution. We would also be giving our health a boost. 

Being aware of what we are buying (or not buying) can also help the planet. It is, fortunately, much easier nowadays to buy environmentally – friendly products. We should always ask ourselves if we really need something before we buy it. We should focus our attention on buying sustainably.  

Another resolution we can make is to cut down on food waste. Did you know that almost a third of all the food produced every year is lost or wasted?  We can lower this figure by, as much as possible, wasting less of the food we consume. We should not shy away from eating the previous day’s leftovers and be creative by adding ingredients and composting whatever is left in the yard or garden. 

Given or ever increasing use of technology, the simple act of switching off the lights, computers, laptops and screens when we are not using them can help save a great deal of energy for long periods of time. We should keep doing this and thus quickly develop a habit that will benefit the world we live in. 

If you have not yet realised it this is the year we can make our voice heard in the ever growing movement for global action on the climate. This does not necessarily mean we have to go out to protest in the streets; we should put more pressure on our politicians to take action on climate change. We should keep ourselves informed and talk to our friends, colleagues and neighbours about what we can do to help this planet. We should not undervalue the power of talking. 

There is also a reason why we are constantly being reminded about the importance of recycling. The devastating consequences of plastic pollution are becoming more and more obvious, especially in our seas. 

This year we can make an effort to leave our homes and explore the most beautiful areas and views in the Maltese islands.  This may not have a direct impact on action on the climate, but it is a good way to appreciate the environment around us and safeguard it.