We should seek to protect life alwaysany place and at all its stages and we should work to better the quality of life from all aspects. Human life should be protected by law from its inception to death. This means that abortion can never be a human right – in fact, exactly the opposite is true. 

Human life, from the very beginning, can be threatened when pills or other medicines are taken with the express aim of halting the development of or, rather, destroying, the new life that has been conceived in the womb. Certain pills, taken in certain circumstances, can result in an abortion. All those who are living according to their Christian faith have the moral obligation to inform themselves about the effects of such medicines to ensure that they make responsible decisions in favour of life. 

In cases of scientific doubt regarding how some medications work, the decision should always be in favour of the protection of life. The opinion of conscientious health professionals, who may have objections to prescribing or selling medications whose side effects are not entirely known, should be respected. 

Doctors are duty bound to protect life, not destroy it. Their work, their demeanour and their behaviour should be a testament to the value of human life and its inviolability. Human life should be cherished, cared for and nurtured. 

Having said this, the subject of abortion has once again been raised in our country and has now become a political issue. God forbid we get to a state where we allow abortion. One asks, what will our country gain by legalising abortion?  

As self-professed Catholics and as persons of principle, we Maltese should have zero tolerance of this threat to life.