Statistics show that the Maltese population is getting older. The longer people live, the greater the need for specialised services particularly care services. The demand for care services for the elderly is growing exponentially. 

After working throughout their lives and raising a family, elderly people’s wish would be to live their remaining years in health and dignity, be economically independent and, finally, leave this earth in peace.  

Our elderly seek tender, loving care. Understanding their needs and their concerns goes a long way to increasing their welfare. Supporting them emotionally is a sure way of helping them live a content and healthy life. 

Having said this, work and other commitments prevent people from being able to provide the required care and attention to their elderly relatives. That is why a number of elderly take up residence or spend their recovery period at Government-run or private homes for the elderly. 

A parliamentary question put during a sitting last week concerned complaints made by elderly resident at Government-run homes. There were 31 complaints, most of which were about the quality of the food and maintenance. 

Over and above this, it appears, from reports which have reached this portal, that there is some concern about the quality of the care that is being given to the residents and alleged failings and inefficiencies. 

The competent authorities should ensure that adequate accommodation is provided for these elderly people who, instead of living within the bosom of their families, are living with other elderly and the workers who are dedicated to their care. These same authorities should also ensure that these elderly people lack nothing and that the carers are not burdened with problems that are over and above the pressures and the stress that they already experience.