How beautiful is simplicity! Living simply means focusing our time and energy on what is really important. 

When we simplify things, we find that we are living life with a purpose, a life that we control. We would have the time and space to achieve our aims and create the life we really want. Sometimes we find true contentment in the simplest things. 

Think about it a while. Simplicity provides us with a number of surprising benefits. Even your finances take a turn for the better. If you spend less, your finances are likely to be in better shape. How much more at ease would we be if we eliminated debt? We should plan for the future to ensure that our finances are solid. 

When we live a simple life we can more easily see situations for what they are. The mind is less stressed because it has less to worry and think about. By focusing on what is most important, our stress levels decrease and we increase our well being. 

The more we own, the more responsibilities we have and the less free we are.  We will find that simple things, like a walk in the countryside or by the sea, make us happy. The simple life gives us freedom from issues that should not be a source of worry. In other words, a simple life gives us freedom. 

Modern society is focused on things that do not lead to happiness. Big houses, luxury cars and a house in the country do not translate into more happiness in a person’s life. Material things do not guarantee happiness, they make you want more. A difficult life with many expenses makes for a miserable life.  

When a person lives a simple life, they will have more free time. It can be difficult to learn to relax when one is used to rushing here and there to keep up with life. Free time is a gift that few appreciate. 

According to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, “life is truly simple but we insist on complicating it.” Let us then live simply because only simplicity can give us the freedom to enjoy life.