Violence against women is highly prevalent in the EU and imposes significant costs on victims and society. Since the late 1990s, the European Union (EU) has financed projects with the specific aim of fighting violence against woman and girls.  

The Daphne Initiative launched in 1997, adapted over time and is now a specific objective within the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme 2014-2020. An estimated EUR 17 million was dedicated to fighting violence against women, children and young people through this specific objective in 2017.  

Ahead of planning for the post-2020 Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF), existing funding aimed at eliminating gender-based violence is reviewed in order to identify priorities for the next cycle of EU funding.  

The objectives of the study include the following:  

  • Assess the relevance of the priorities and funded actions to the objective of the Daphneprogramme, and the extent to which the priorities of funded actions meet the needs of the targeted group;
  • Review the effectiveness of the funded actions in contributing to Daphneprogrammeobjectives including the value of direct support to victims of violence;  
  • Investigate the scope for coherence/complementarity and overlap of Daphne funding withotherEU programmes.