The incidence of cancer is causing concern around the world and Malta is no exception.  It is rare to find a family in Malta that has not had anyone close who has gone through or is going through this experience.  Statistics show that there are almost 2,000 new cases of cancer a year and about 1,000 deaths annually in Malta. The same statistics indicate that these figures are on the rise. 

Having said this, prevention measures and information are helping people with cancer overcome obstacles and survive. Without a doubt, the main contributor to this success is the ongoing investment in cancer research around the world. These factors give us hope that it is not impossible to overcome this challenge. Even in Malta, we have cause to be proud of our scientists and researchers who are working tirelessly and with great dedication to find out more about cancer. 

In tandem with initiatives in research, there are a number of individuals and Maltese entities that have dedicated themselves to fight cancer. One could mention Puttinu Cares and the Hospice Movement that do not stop working to raise awareness and raise funds while offering help and support to those who are affected by this disease. 

The volunteers of these entities and many more are to be praised because they are dedicating their energy and time to this struggle against cancer. 

Throughout the ages humanity has been able to overcome deadly diseases. Cancer is another challenge that we have to address collectively. There need to be more funds, resources and determination to overcome cancer. 

One cannot but be concerned when one hears how cancer is attacking children particularly.  This is an area that requires more research. With everyone pulling together, we can strengthen the fight against cancer so that, in the coming years, there can be a real cure for cancer and a better quality of life.