What comes to mind when you think of diversity? The first factors that pop into people’s minds are age, gender, race and cultural background. There are more ways to create a diverse workplace, however, than employing the right quota of men and women. 

Although we may share characteristics with others, at the end of the day we all have different personalities and we all bring something different to the table. That is why diversity is so important in a team. When different types of people who are at various stages of their career are employed there is greater scope for creativity resulting in a wider perspective and a bigger range of ideas. 

Individuals from various walks of life offer a range of talents, skills and experiences that can be of benefit to the organisation. The fact that employees have a variety of skills and experiences means that they can also learn from one another. 

When we work with people from different cultures who have experiences and ways of working that differ from ours we may be able to come up with creative concepts based on our combined ideas and suggestions. While one person may be good at coming up with ideas, others may have the know how to implement them. 

Language barriers and cultural differences can inhibit a workplace from expanding. On the other hand, a business that employs workers who can speak different languages can expand its operations to other countries and communicate with more entitites. 

A company that encourages diversity attracts a wide range of job candidates as it will be perceived as a progressive organisation that appeals to people. Naturally, when the number of  

Workers feel at home and are content to work in an environment where inclusivity is a priority. Equality at the workplace encourages workers from all walks of life to feel confident in their abilities and achieve better results. The higher the team morale, the higher the level of productivity among the workers.