The European Social Fund (ESF) is Europe’s main instrument for supporting employment, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens. The European Commission and EU countries in partnership set the ESF’s priorities and how it spends its resources. 

One of the priorities of the ESF for Malta is the building of the institutional administrative capacity. Through this priority, Government will build the capacity of local stakeholders delivering education, lifelong learning, training, employment and social policies, to ensure that they have the necessary expertise to actively participate in the socio-economic dialogue which leads to an enhanced and more effective policy-making process.  

Interventions have to focus on the provision of the necessary capacity building measures including training, research, and support for networking initiatives which develop the human resource complement within stakeholder organisations. This will enable social and civil partners to reach out to their members more efficiently thus generating more interest and active participation on national issues.  

Stakeholders will therefore acquire the information and knowledge they need in order to assist in formulating an opinion on proposed reforms and policies in a timely manner.  

For information on ESF and other EU funds, please contact MEUSAC on 2200 3300 or