The UĦM Voice of the Workers would like to see more serious planning for the Maltese job market throughout this year. 

The job market should have a well-thought out plan; that is, there should be better capture and analysis of employment statistics and the information should be provided in a timely fashion to feed into policies relating to the job market. 

This union would like to know what the impact of foreign workers is on the job market, both in the short and in the long term. We need to define the type of economy we want for this country. And, this union asks, how is it that if the economy is doing well the benefits are not evident, say in the issue of pensions? 

The UĦM Voice of the Workers would like to remind readers that a country’s economy comprises a number of different sectors. Some sectors do better than others. This union becomes concerned when it is evident that there is a huge imbalance between sectors, that is, when one sector is doing very well and is compensating for the lack of success in other sectors. This is why the benefits of a successful economy are not felt by all. 

The UĦM Voice of the Workers notes that the lower income workers are still struggling. We would be taking people for fools if we were to state that these workers will find their feet once they receive an increase in the cost of living allowance. These workers need to be provided with training at the workplace to enhance their existing skills and provide those workers who are unskilled with a skill that they could use.  

As things stand, a low income worker is dependent upon the charity of politicians. This is not a situation to be proud of.