We have started a new year and some of us make resolutions. The majority of us draws up a list of resolutions aimed at bettering ourselves in every aspect of our lives. However, we tend to focus on personal resolutions rather than on resolutions that have to do with work. Resolutions should be made about every aspect of your life, including your career and workplace. 

One can make a number of resolutions to better one’s working life. Let’s take cell phones. Smartphones are regarded as being important in today’s lifestyles as they help us keep in touch with what is happening around us. Believe it or not, however, smartphones impact our productivity at our place of work. While they ensure that we are a click away from anything we want to know this need to be constantly online is distracting workers. In this year that has just begun make a resolution to put your smartphone away and focus on work. When you put your cell phone away, you minimise distractions and you are better able to give your 100 percent to work. 

Just as important as making resolutions to enhance your professional development, it is important to focus on your health at the workplace. It is necessary to develop good and healthy eating habits as, on average, we spend more than 65 percent of our day at work. The food we eat during this large portion of our day affects the way we function during the rest of the day. This can have a direct impact on your productivity at work. Therefore, this year make an effort to eat healthily. 

Work balance is one of the undervalued issues faced by workers on a daily basis. You may enjoy working and you may find it difficult to find a balance between work and personal life. This year make a resolution to draw a clear line between work and family. Define your priorities and the number of hours you can dedicate to work every week. It may be difficult to find a balance at first but in time it should become easier to balance work and personal life. 

While employees look for their managers’ appreciation and approval, it appears that they are forgetting something very important.  As human beings, we long for our own approval even more than the approval of others. You cannot appreciate others’ good work when you do not even recognise the jobs you yourself do well. Make a resolution to congratulate yourself on your achievements. In this way you will be increasing your self confidence and motivating yourself to work better. 

Other than this, we all have a list of things we would like to learn to better ourselves but we are simply not sufficiently motivated to start. This year, make it a point to learn something new – it could be work related or something that helps you stay focused and motivated at work. 

We all have something we love doing that is not related to work, career, success, goals or plans. You can volunteer, learn to play a musical instrument or take up a new hobby. 

It is important to find something you love doing separate from work and career. This is a small favour you can do for yourself during this year. This will help you relax after the stressful hours of work.