Career guidance is a very important concept which, when applied in a useful manner, can help guide people choose the right career. Furthermore, the changing world of work calls for the renewal of the role and practices of public employment services in building and developing career guidance (CG) and lifelong learning (LLL) systems. 

In order to update such concepts, the Practitioner’s toolkit for PES Building Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning presents concepts and tools for public employment services (PES) to assess needs and strengthen the career guidance and lifelong learning system and services. 

According to the European Commission, “the practitioner’s toolkit provides answers to the following questions, among others: which partners can PES cooperate with, and which services should be offered to people at different stages of a lifecycle”. 

The toolkit itself is “written for teams in PES where services and partnerships are considered and planned, working together with education, employers, third sector organisations, and others in building and strengthening the CG and LLL system and services”. 

The toolkit is also useful when building up action plans aimed at addressing the underlying themes of public employment services. 

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