Being accountable for your actions is a sign of moral maturity. A sense of responsibility is one of the main pillars of a strong character. 

Many people, particularly some politicians and people in executive positions, are trying to avoid the burden of accountability. We all know that responsibility sometimes requires us to do things that are unpleasant or that take courage to do. Having responsibility requires us to carry our own weight, develop and set goals and exercise discipline in order to reach our targets. 

No one makes their life better by avoiding responsibility. In fact, being irresponsible is a form of slavery imposed by the individual – to circumstances and to others. 

Our sense of responsibility is reflected in our ability to adapt to circumstances and our choice of attitudes, actions and reactions that inform our lives.  It is a powerful concept that puts us in control. Our potential is best realised when we are accountable for our actions and when we can depend on ourselves.  


Responsible people not only depend on themselves but also show others that they can be trusted. This creates trust and trust is a key that opens many doors. 


What can we say about political responsibility? This portal continues to advise local authorities that if they want to retain control of their leadership, on prerogatives and maintain the power of liberty and independence, they need to ensure that they do just one thing: take responsibility for their actions. 


Political responsibility and democratic governance go hand in hand and both are essential to ensure peace, progress and respect for human rights in the country.