MEUSAC, and Europe Direct Information Centre Valletta, are constantly looking for ways to reach out to citizens on EU-related matters whereby our roles are not simply about conveying the EU message and informing citizens but more importantly, giving the opportunity to citizens to air their views and concerns and to feel that they are indeed part of the EU. 

An event we are organising in May will serve as an EU information one-stop shop – an info fair to mark Europe Day at Valletta’s entrance on May 9.  

A number of stands, including a MEUSAC and Europe Direct stand, will form part of the one-stop EU information platform for citizens.  

The event also comes at a time when the European Parliament is intensifying its campaign across all Member States, including Malta, tied to the European elections being held later in May. MEUSAC is currently working in conjunction with the European Parliament liason office to hammer the importance of these elections. 

Should you require information on the info fair, send us an email to or