During this pandemicmany healthcare workers are being  pushed to their limits and beyond as they selflessly care for patients. 

Since cases of COVID-19 have increased constantlyhospital workers are consequently dealing  with a huge influx of patientsThe demand for swabbing at testing centres has increasedleaving frontliners in a terrible state of exhaustion. Some workers manning these testing  centreswho even spoke to the mediastated that they are understaffedunmotivated and were not paid for overtime work 

To add insult to injuryfrontliners were recently told to hurry up by people waiting in line to get testedThis is the empathy that they get! 

Voice of the Workers is aware of the huge workload that is being carried out by hospital workersHence, the public must cooperate especially with all frontliners in efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19, and not to provoke or challenge them in any manner. Let us not deliberately challenge the patience of the frontline staff. 

It is the shared responsibility of every citizen along with the government to lend support to the health workers providing sterling service from frontline during this critical time of COVID-19. Government and the relevant stakeholders should understand that it is impossible to win the battle against coronavirus without cooperation from health workers and other frontline personnel. 

Moreover, essential workers are the ones on the front lines every day carrying us through this crisis, and we must ensure their efforts and sacrifices are appropriately recognizedWe all should continue to do our part  and take the necessary precautionsincluding routine hygiene and social distancing to suppress the virus. 

One thing is absolutely  surethe  pandemic is not over yetNevertheless, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers truly have become our heroes of this pandemicHowever, winning applause and praise is not enoughAs long as these workers and others in the frontline continue to work and expose themselves to the virus, they should be properly compensated.