For the EU to recover from the current crisis, it needs to generate recovery, build resilience and guide economies along the path of just, green and digital transitions. The recovery will have to be inclusiveand fair. The European Pillar of Social Rights provides a compass to tackle the social and economic challenges of our time. 

To support the implementation of the Pillar and prepare the ground for the Pillar’s Action Plan (to be presented in early 2021), the European Commission launched a broad discussion with all EU countries, regions and interested bodiesto express their views on how Europe’s social market economy can ensure just transitions for all. 

The Commission is therefore seeking feedback through an open consultation until 30 November 2020 on new policy action or legal initiatives needed on different levels (EU, national, regional, local) and/or pledge concrete commitments as a Member State, region, city or organisation towards implementing the Pillar. 

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