Apprentices make a great deal of sense in the world of employment. From promising employees who are gaining invaluable skills to companies that can start to train their employees at the outset of their career. 

The European Commission has recently launched its proposal for a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships. Its aim is to increase the employability and personal development of apprentices and contribute towards a highly skilled and qualified workforce responsive to labour market needs. 

An apprenticeship should be a learning and development experience, where the person being trained can grow in knowledge and maturity and which provides an opportunity to get used to the real world out there. Apprenticeships provide youths with the opportunity to develop practical competencies within an industry and experience and knowledge of the workplace. 

Voice of the Workers believes that workplaces should cultivate a culture of training others on the job. For an apprenticeship to be successful, the trainers need to be qualified and invested in training youths. The training needs to be well managed and organised efficiently. It is important that workplaces have clear goals with real responsibilities and specific duties for their apprentices. 

Places of work should challenge students to exploit their potential. This not only encourages apprentices to contribute positively to the workplace but also helps increase productivity. 

It is also important that workplaces communicate effectively with their apprentices. Employers should provide constructive criticism throughout the training process. On finishing their apprenticeship, the apprentices should have a good awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. 

On the other hand, the apprentices’ success also depends on their will and dedication. They should use this opportunity to network as this will serve them in their future career.