The freedom of movement of services and people are two of the four fundamental freedoms of the European Union, freedoms crucial to the functioning of the Single Market. In order to ensure that these rights are safeguarded, the European Union has put in place a mechanism for the mutual recognition of qualifications in order to overcome obstacles European citizens face as professionals.This mechanism ensures that qualifications of professionals are recognised should they wish to practise their profession in another Member State. This mechanism applies to regulated professions. If the profession one would like to practise in an EU country which is regulated, then one would need to apply to have his/her professional qualifications recognised in that Member State.

The procedure of how professional qualifications are recognised varies according to the profession and if one will be settling in another Member State permanently or temporarily. In the case of permanent settling and practice of profession, one must go through the process of recognition of qualifications. On the other hand, when one is only going to practice the profession on temporary basis then he/she needs to only submit a declaration to the Designated Authority concerned. Another way of having one’s qualifications recognised is through the ‘European Professional Card’ (EPC). This is an EU-wide online procedure that helps people get their professional qualifications recognised in a more efficient manner. The EPC is available for general care nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, and real estate agents. The application procedure for the EPC can be initiated in Malta and can be even submitted in Maltese or any other EU language. Once the procedure is complete the applicant acquires an online certificate that confirms the recognition of the professional qualification.

Should one require assistance in the recognition of Maltese qualifications abroad or applying for the EPC, one should refer to the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre which can be reached via e-mail on