As of July 1, 2018, EU consumers started benefiting from new rules that provide new rights for travellers.  

The new EU rules provide protection for both businesses and consumers that have booked pre-arranged package holidays and self-customised packages. This means that, not only will the traditional package holidays be protected, but with the new rules in place, consumers who book other forms of combined travel, including self-booked packages, where the traveller chooses different elements from a single point of sale online or offline, will also be protected.  

Consumers will benefit from: 

  • Clearer information;  
  • Money-back and repatriation in case of bankruptcy;  
  • Clearer rules on liability; 
  • Stronger cancellation rights; 
  • Rights to an accommodation if the return journey cannot be carried out; 
  • Assistance to travellers. 

The new rules will also benefit businesses, with: 

  • Clearer rules, making cross-border activities easier; 
  • Modernised information requirements that are no longer based exclusively on travel brochures; 
  • Reduced regulatory burden. 

In order to keep an eye on the progress of this Directive, the Commission will examine how the rules have been transposed and are applied in each Member State. Consequently, it will take appropriate follow-up measures as deemed necessary. 

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