In the past there may have been those who thought that the 21st Century was remote. Ideas were developed into projects, initiatives and policies in the political, economic, environmental and social sectors. Leaders of countries, business persons, industrialists and entrepreneurs reaped what they had sowed and gained money and power. The majority of these people enjoyed their success without giving any thought to potential repercussions in the future. 

We are now in the year 2020. Do you think that people and their leaders are prepared for the future? The news we see and hear does not indicate that this is so. Poverty is growing, the gap between the rich and the vulnerable is widening, there are more and more people without a roof over their heads, precarious work is still around us, rents are still high and climate change is making itself felt. 

The problems are common the world over, including Malta. It appears that the earth is reaching its limits, economically, environmentally and socially. What can we do? We can correct the mistakes that were made and are still being made while strengthening what is currently good. 

The time has come to think and plan for the future of the human species. We should have a goal: to propose solutions from various sectors and develop constructive and realistic ideas. How will work, transport, communication, health and society look in the future? How can we strengthen these sectors? 

Although there are already promising ideas for change, we need to admit that to date we have failed to resolve the big environmental and social problems. 

The future is now. We need new and realistic ideas. We need politicians, visionaries, urban planners, agricultural experts and lateral thinkers to voice their ideas about the structures and solutions for a better future.