Employing youths presents employers with some challenges, especially in today’s modern world. 

The truth is that each generation looks back on its youth with rose-coloured glasses. How quickly we forget! The reality for most businesses is that it is the young workers that communicate best with clients. For many employers they are the face of the company.  To remain competitive and maximise profits, employers must invest in the skills that youths bring with them to the workplace. 

The youths of today’s generation, many of whom were born after 1990, have lived their lives in a world of technology, information and communication. However, I believe that insufficient attention is being given to instilling a sense of personal responsibility in youths and to teaching them basic work ethic at school and in the home. I dare say that some youths have never heard of the importance of being on time, respecting their superiors and communicating clearly or to value their commitment to their work. 

So how can a young worker be motivated? I think that we should compliment youths on a job well done. Today’s youths can be very loyal if they are taken seriously and treated with respect. One should also celebrate their successes, not only at work but also in their private lives. 

We all know that youths come with an independent attitude.  We should work with them to establish their aims and help them get results. Also, youths need to know why they are being tasked with a piece of work. We cannot assume that they know, we need to confirm what they know about the work they have been asked to do and explain the aim behind each job.  

Above all one should try to get on well with young workers. The way a manager conducts themselves at work has a great impact on the performance of worker. Therefore, one needs to ensure that the one taps the maximum potential of young workers. 

  Young workers can be inspired, motivated and productive. Today’s youths are more informed and adapt more easily. We should not judge them through the lens of the time of our youth. We need to look at them through their eyes. Employers have nothing to lose and much to gain from employing young workers and making a positive impact on their lives.