Offices and other workplaces are a microcosm of humanity. They comprise a mix of all types of people, with different personalities, behaviours, goals and challenges. This means that to get on well with everyone, one must make an effort. 

You may be reminded of an episode in your career when a conflict between personalities compromised the productive environment at work. This could be avoided and harmony could be created at the workplace by implementing some simple practices. 

A simple “thank you” can go a long way to creating joy and harmony. Workers work hard to achieve their goals and are proud when they do but they may feel ignored. Finding time to acknowledge even the smallest of achievements can help a person feel appreciated. 

If a worker or employee is happy at work, they are likely to go that extra mile at work. Workers may have been given additional work or asked to stay after working hours to help with some project. They may have carried out subtle jobs such as cleared up an area at the workplace or corrected a document. The more appreciation is shown to workers for the extra work they have done the more content they will be and the more harmony there will be at the workplace. This will also motivate more workers to follow suit and increase productivity. 

Gossip can kill harmony. It can provide entertainment but at the end of the day it sows mistrust. It gives rise to piques, workers will start to fear that they are the subjects of gossip and chasms will start to appear between workers. Therefore, it would be wise to implement a policy of no gossip tolerance and the policy must be enforced. 

Harmony at the workplace can be created when workers feel free to make suggestions, put forward complaints and discuss issues without being judged. When an employee feels free to speak out, problems can be addressed at once, before they escalate to become real issues. 

Appreciation and valuing workers’ opinions can lead to the workers using their talents and creativity to strengthen their workplace. Henry Ford could not have said it better: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.