The second European Week of Vocational Skills, organised by the European Commission, was celebrated in Brussels and other countries around Europe during the last few days. This activity served to emphasise the need to more vocational training and education. 

Each and every person has a talent. Some are obvious, others less so. A substantial number of people have yet to find out what their talent is, to their own detriment and the detriment of their future and society in general. 

Vocational Education Training (VET) is more than necessary today in light of the fact that employers are not finding well trained and talented workers. Unfortunately our country ranks low among the European Union countries in terms of vocational training. 

This portal notes that youths aged between 18 and 24, who are at the peak of their lives, are missing out on a number of benefits. Among them one can list achieving VET qualifications to enable youths to find good jobs and give them the opportunity to build a good career in their chosen field.  Qualifications in vocational training lend personal dignity to an individual and help them feel more at ease in society.  

But why are youths not being enticed to follow a vocational education training course? It is useless uploading courses on the internet when the students out there, the workers and the employers remain unaware of them. While education should be of benefit to the person, it should also be of service society as a whole. VET does this. 

It should be noted here that vocational education and training leads to high quality jobs and makes one easily employable. 

There are a variety of training opportunities out there to prepare you for interesting and challenging careers which help you integrate in society. Quality training develops an individual’s creative and innovative potential. 

Therefore, effort should be made by interested parties to promote VET and studies should be carried out to determine the skills that will be needed by Malta within the next few years.