The new scholastic year is upon us. We will soon be seeing vans and coaches full of students. Children and youths will be waking up in the early hours to wait outside their homes for their van or coach. Mothers and fathers will start preparing lunches for their children. 

School time. Before the scholastic year starts, parents or guardians will have already prepared the uniforms and the books. Meetings for students and parents are held at this time. What is the purpose of all this? It is so our children are encouraged to educate themselves and acquire the necessary skills and abilities that will help them get ahead in society. 

Education comprises all the experiences through which individuals can strengthen their intelligence, acquire education and build their character. Real education is one that strengthens, not only the individual but the individual and the society as a whole. The main aim of education is to benefit all persons. 

To reach this aim, our children need to be involved in the preparations for school so that they feel invested in the process. Preparations for school encompass more than friends, books and teachers. Our children need to be prepared for a step up in their educational journey. 

It goes without saying that each new scholastic year brings with it some anxiety, not only for the children and students but also for the parents. Mothers and fathers have an important role to play in creating a positive attitude in their children to encourage them during their studies throughout the upcoming scholastic year. 

Let us not forget the teachers and their assistants in the classrooms who, because they are dedicated and enthusiastic, are keen to welcome our children and take care of them in a holistic learning environment. It is worth noting here that this Summer was not very relaxing for teachers as they were obliged to prepare new materials to meet the requirements of the education reform that resulted from the collective agreement recently signed by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) on behalf of teachers. 

This portal asks whether the authorities and the administrations of the respective schools have given enough thought to the welfare of their staff. Will the teachers and the LSEs, among others, be given the necessary resources at the beginning of the scholastic year? We hope that history does not repeat itself and we do not hear of teachers, kindergarten educators and LSEs who have had to pay for educational resources out of their own pockets! 

Last but not least – school transport and traffic at this time of year. Voice of the Workers hopes that the preparations for a free transport service for all the children attending state, Church, independent schools and kindergartens are done and everything is in place so we do not have chaos in the streets. We also hope that the Government has drawn up a plan of action to manage traffic to cater for the increase in vehicles on the road, especially during crucial hours when school starts.