The role of the internet in modern society should not be undervalued. It has a great many advantages and disadvantages. The first benefit that I see is that the internet can serve as a bridge between one culture and another. People can communicate with others around the world with a few clicks of the mouse. This allows us to better understand and accept other cultures. 

Above all, the internet offers unlimited sources of entertainment. There are thousands of films, games and songs that can be downloaded for free through the internet. Anything we can imagine can be found on the internet. Without a doubt, the internet has completely changed the way we can enjoy our free time. 

The internet is vast and wonderful. But it also has the ugly side of bullying on the internet. Because of bullying, the internet can change a person’s life inside out. Adolescents and children can gain access to ugly pages on the internet full of information that is not suited to them and horrific pictures – such as those about eating disorders. 

The world has nonetheless become dependent on the internet. Most of our important information is stored on computers, including our medical, education and financial records. But computer viruses are becoming ever more common and aggressive. Our data is at risk of being hacked. An extreme virus attack can even stop a country’s economy in its tracks. 

There is also content on the internet that is harmful to children which is not subject to laws that are sufficiently strict. So much so that many sites do not require that visitors give their age or give proof of their true identity. This means that children are at a high risk of being exposed to content that can harm their mental health. 

Today, we all use the internet for work, school or to communicate with friends and family. However, we often find ourselves using the internet mindlessly, without any aim. While for many people avoiding the internet is not a realistic option, it is possible to find time to use the internet more effectively. 

In conclusion, using the internet is like using a knife. If we use it well and wisely, it is an effective tool. If we use it badly, it can harm us. We should not avoid using the internet. Instead, we need to learn to use it well.