The role of MEUSAC funding is a diverse one which incorporates a number of different elements. One of the key functions of the funding unit within MEUSAC is that of providing information to interested parties and individuals on the different funding programmes and opportunities available. In addition to this it also provides assistance to NGOs and Local Councils in designing projects and also in the drawing up of application forms. 

In this regard MEUSAC has been highly successful, where up until now organisations assisted by MEUSAC have been able to submit 419 applications and have been awarded €49,083,717 in funding. It has assisted local councils in submitting 156 successful applications while NGO’s and Government entities have been able to submit 219 and 44 successful applications respectively.  

Over the years MEUSAC has assisted organisations in applying for a diverse range of different funding programmes both of a centralised and decentralised nature. This can be seen in the recent success which MEUSAC had in assisting the Malta Police Force and Malta Customs departments in applying for funding through the Hercule III programme.  

Should you require more information about EU funds, kindly visit or call on 2200 3300.