Did you ever need information on the European Union and its work but didn’t know where to look or who to ask? 

Or you might have purchased a product or used a service in an EU Member State but you were not too happy with the end product or felt aggrieved and wanted to file a complaint? 

Do you intend crossing to another Member State for leisure, emergency, health, work or study reasons, and would like to know your rights? Are you an NGO, local council or school and would like to tap into EU funds for a project of yours? 

Then MEUSAC is your starting point to get your answers on all this and more. Europe Direct – one of 450 centres found across EU and which, in Malta’s case, can also be found within MEUSACWe are there to provide you with the relevant information you require. 

MEUSAC serves as a one-stop-shop for all things EU. A number of activities are organised to make EU information more accessible to citizens, including debates and educational events. 

A case in point is Europe Day, held on May 9 each year, which serves as a platform for citizens to have EU information at their fingertips whereby a number of EU-related entities or organisations join forces to put up a fair at Valletta’s entrance. Whether it’s a career in an EU institution you are seeking or looking to further your studies in another Member State, or you simply want to up your knowledge on EU matters, then it’s a good thing to pencil this event in your diary. 

The offices of MEUSAC and Europe Direct can be found in the heart of Valletta – 280, Republic Street. Alternatively, we can also be contacted on 2200 3300 or by email on info.meusac@gov.mt. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram or check for any updates on our website www.meusac.gov.mt