The citizens of a country shape its future. Many things depend on us, the citizens. I think that every citizen can contribute to the country’s development.  It does not matter what sector we work in, it is our duty to do what we can to better our conditions. 

What does an active citizen do? Active citizenship is ‘the glue’ that keeps society together. Democracy does not function well without it, because an effective democracy is much more than putting your mark on the voting document. 

Participatory democracy requires that people be involved so that they have an active role to play, maybe at their workplace or by taking part in a political organisation or by supporting a just cause. The type of activity can vary. What matters is the commitment to safeguard society. 

For citizens, developing the skills and attitude of active citizenship is crucial. Active citizens not only know their duties and responsibilities but also show solidarity with others and are ready to give back to society. 

Active citizenship supports democratic cooperation based on the acceptance of the universal human rights and the rule of law; it values diversity and includes the whole community.  Education to achieve this awareness as well as the development and practice of skills happen at all levels in our social life. This is where schooling has a very important role. 

Volunteerism is an important element in active citizenship. In some countries, like Malta, this sector is always cast in the light of an instrument through which problems are addressed or to provide a service that can no longer be provided by the state. 

Youths need to find their way in society through all the forms of active citizenship. Through volunteering, as an important element of active citizenship, they can become involved, make a constructive contribution and at the same time gain new skills and experiences that will increase their employability and be of long term benefit. 

This portal believes that active citizenship is the strongest source of renewable human energy and that it can visibly improve people’s lives.