Reaching out to youth when it comes to employment opportunities is crucial. The European Commission acknowledges that more efforts are needed in order to engage with those who do not much access to the labour market. 

Young people can only benefit from the Youth Guarantee if they get in touch with relevant providers. Currently, less than 40% of young people not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs) are registered with the scheme in the EU. Various outreach activities form an important part of the Youth Guarantee to encourage those who do not take the initiative to register to do so. 

On March 14, the European Commission invited Youth Guarantee coordinators as well as coordinators of outreach projects financed through the EU Programme of Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) to discuss how outreach is working on the ground. 

On the basis of stakeholders’ experience, outreach needs to be framed in a systematic approach, starting from better data to understand the target group as well as gathering main stakeholders. 

By clicking here, you can access a guide for developing national outreach strategies for inactive young people. 

For the European Commission-ILO joint action plan on youth unemployment, please click here. 

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