Package travel usually entails a service which combines within it a variety of holiday-related services.  For example, package travel holidays often include holiday accommodation, transport or car hire services, as well as excursions or city tours.  These packages are an attractive travel-option to those who prefer all-inclusive travel rather than planning their holiday themselves- an undertaking which often requires plenty of time, effort and research. 

With the recent EU Package Travel directive, EU consumers can now enjoy more rights as well as a higher level of protection upon purchasing such holidays. Under this EU law, the consumer is entitled to sufficient and accurate information before a contractual agreement is signed between the consumer and the organizer of the package holiday.   This includes detailed information on the type of services provided within the package, the price as well as the arrangement for payment.  This will ensure that price of the package will not increase  The consumer is also entitled to cancel the package holiday – this could be done free of charge if the destination of travel becomes dangerous. If the customer cannot go due to a change of circumstances, the package holiday can still be cancelled, but at a reasonable cancellation fee.  It is worth mentioning that liability is also included within the EU Package Travel Directive.  This becomes the responsibility of the organiser of the package-travel in cases of failure to fulfil or provide the services agreed upon.  In cases of emergencies, the organisers of the travel package should also be able to provide information on health or consular services to assist the consumer accordingly. 

All in all, with this EU directive in place, those opting for package-travel for their next holiday-break can be certain that they enjoy full rights and protection in Europe, and beyond.