MEUSAC is currently undertaking an extensive exercise with various stakeholders in a bid to identify the most effective engagement methods to provide a better service to stakeholders coming from different sectors. This is the first of a series of actions which are being conducted as part of a project being part-financed through the European Social Fund (ESF). MEUSAC was awarded over €134,000 in EU funds to implement the project. 

The project, entitled ‘ENGAGE: Enhacing Stakeholder Participation in Social Dialogue’, is ultimately aimed at improving the quality of social dialogue in Malta, and increasing stakeholder engagement. The first three actions making up the project focus on a stakeholder engagement analysis, which seeks to get feedback from different stakeholders making up Malta’s constituted bodies and civil society. The idea is to assess how aware stakeholders are of the services provided by MEUSAC and the opportunities made available to participate in the EU decision-making process and to access EU Funds. 

Other actions include training of MEUSAC staff on various levels, as well as capacity building in order to increase and improve stakeholder participation. 

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