Whether one realises or not, the EU affects us in our everyday life: the food we eat, the products we buy or sell, travelling abroad, the waste we leave on our doorstep and elsewhere, the safety of toys and electronic products, our job, our health and safety, to name but a fewnot to mention the several EU-funded projects which we may have benefited from, whether directly or indirectly 

One thing icommon to all of the above  that of making the quality of life of citizens better. 

It goes without saying that the EU is not only about benefits and rights. It is also about obligations that emanate from the common body of legislation that EU Member States agree upon. 

This is where MEUSAC comes in. With its motto Connecting Citizens to the EU, MEUSAC is committed to communicatEU-related rights, policies and funding opportunities, and their impact on citizensAll this is done through the dissemination of EU-related information and several events organised, along with the use of various communication channels 

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