Courses leading to OLevels and ALevels launched  

FSS Ltd, fully owned by UĦM, has for the past few years been at the forefront in providing employability skills to youths who are not in education, employment or training, and for adults who had been unemployed for several months. In fact, FSS Ltd. has been instrumental in leading the Youth Guarantee and the Work Programme Initiative. More information about these projects can be found by following this link 

Moreover, in the past year, FSS Ltd. began expanding and it felt the need for a rebranding exercise. In fact, FSS Ltd shall be rebranded to St Gabriel’s Institute. St Gabriel’s Institute shall be at the forefront of education, merging technology with traditional teaching methods.  

Students shall have a portal whereby all their notes and their assessments would be accessible. 

Furthermore, parents shall also have access to information about how their child is faring during the course. A mobile app will also be introduced for these details to be available on the go! 

To launch this rebranding, FSS Ltd. has started offering courses that will lead to O’ Level, A’ Level or Intermediate Level sittings in May 2020. The introductory prices shall be at €48/month for O’ Levels, and €96/month for Intermediate and A’ Levels. If you are interested, apply and pay online by referring to this link: can also pay cash or by cheque.  

For more information about these courses, kindly contact us on