The European Parliament has issued a call for proposals for the co-financing of citizens’ engagement actions.

Actions proposed under this call should aim to contribute to raise citizens’ awareness of the role and democratic values of the European Union by promoting strategic engagement with EU citizens via three different channels: civil society engagement, community engagement, and youth engagement.

The global key performance indicators will be the number of communication actions co-financed and the hours of attention generated by the co-financed actions. Applicants’ attention is drawn to the fact that each action proposal must set out its own specific performance indicators.

The expected results of the actions are to raise awareness about the role and democratic values of the European Parliament as the voice of EU citizens and to engage more deeply with them, notably via the community “”. Actions proposed should primarily target those EU citizens who have turned more demanding towards the European Union, specifically since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as citizens who show some interest in EU affairs. Special attention should be paid to reaching out to minority communities and citizens who are less likely to already be involved in EU action in some way.

This call is open to organisations meeting the criteria described in the call. A type of potential beneficiaries are national or pan-European non-profit organisations that have the explicit aim of promoting European values at national or at pan-European level.

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2020.