The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people, especially the younger generations uncertain about their future. With certain sectors and businesses struggling in these abnormal times, the promise of good and secure employment has become less likely.  

Acknowledging these difficult times, the European Commission announced the Youth Employment Support, in order to make sure that younger generations can also be active participants in the labour market.  

This initiative will include a significant budget targeted solely towards youth employment. In fact, Member States will be encouraged to prioritise youth employment support when tapping into these funds and investments. The package will ensure that vulnerable young people across the EU, such as those with disabilities, living in rural or disadvantaged areas or else coming from ethnic minorities are assisted in finding employment or training.  

Training will give the opportunity to young people to navigate jobs in the green and digital transitionsthat the EU foresees for the coming years. Support for apprenticeships, capacitybuilding and networking will also be prioritised so that young people can become equipped with the necessaryskills required to meet entry-level job requirements.

Investing in the younger generations will be key in ensuring a more competitive, resilient and inclusive EU labour market.