MEUSAC and the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality, are organising the fifth meeting in a series of consultations with the theme ‘Għid Tiegħek Dwar L-Ewropa’, which will be held on October 25, 2018, in Primary School B, St Margaret College, School Street, Ħaż-Żabbar, at 18:00.

The next meeting will address the vast topic of social development in the EU Member States. In addition to the obvious connotations and importance of the subject, this issue also relates to the so called European Pillar of Social Rights and its principles.

Through these public consultations, Malta joined 26 other Member States of the European Union in a broad process of public consultations on the future of Europe. These consultations are focusing on various topics that are of particular interest in the context of Malta, Maltese citizens and their interests as Europeans.

All the points raised by the audience will be compiled in a report, which will be submitted to the Maltese government. The government will then present this report at the meeting of EU Member States leaders in the European Council in December. This process will ensure that citizens can have their say on Europe, and that these ideas will be presented to the leaders of the EU.

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