In spite of advances in various sectors that the country has seen in the last few years, Maltese society is lacking moral fibre.  What is being done to strengthen our moral fibre and to ensure that social values such as justice, honesty and solidarity are also strengthened? 

When there is a weakening of the moral fibre, society is weakened, even from a financial perspective. If we were to evaluate the events of the last few years, we would see that some individuals within the Maltese population have turned their back on their moral conscience. We constantly hear of incidents involving theft, fraud and dishonest conduct. Tax evasion has increased and there injustices have been perpetrated. 

What is being done about those who have ended up penniless? What help is being given to the homeless? Are employers doing everything above board when they employ workers? Are they offering decent salaries or are they paying peanuts? And what about those in business and land speculators? Are they operating ethically or are they blinded by the money they are making? How do they look at asylum seekers? These are some of the questions one must ponder. 

Moral fibre should be taught in schools so that students learn, from an early age, that to make it in this world they need to work to reach their objectives. But moral fibre should not be instilled only in the young generation. Adults should be even more aware of the importance of social justice. The social media, which are so much a part of life at the moment, should be instrumental in passing on this message. 

Society in general should take the initiative to ensure that moral fibre and social justice are not trodden upon. If we consider ourselves to be Christian we should carry out an exam of our conscience and ask ourselves if we are on the right path. We need to ask ourselves whether we are respecting our fellow humans, irrespective of their social status, race or religion. 

Apart from this, let us be aware that if we lack respect at any stage in our development, we risk weakening Malta’s moral fibre.