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On August 13, 2018 the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) published its annual thematic report, which focuses on changes in child and family policies in the EU throughout 2017. 

The report notes a number of important developments in child and family policy, particularly the European Pillar of Social Rights in relation to the setting up of the framework for new legislative actions to combat the various challenges facing European children and their families. It also focuses on the situations of vulnerable children, and on the key aspects related to socio-economic disadvantages. 

The report also finds that the direction of current developments in the area of child and family policy is based on the principle of inclusiveness and integrated approaches, with the European Pillar of Social Rights being the major change to policy structures in 2017. Reference is also made to the European Parliament initiative for a ‘Child Guarantee Scheme for Vulnerable Children’, which is expected to be an important driver for change in this policy area over the next few years. Malta is highlighted in the report for its introduction of policy measures aimed at the provision of greater financial security during maternity leave.