The European Parliament elections are less than two months away. In these elections, citizens will be asked to cast their vote to elect new Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who will ultimately be representing their interests in one of the main institutions of the EU 

The upcoming elections, to be held across the EU between the 23rd and 26th May (25th May in Malta), will be the first to be held following the departure of a Member State from the EU; the planned date for Brexit is March 29, 2019, and as a result the number of parliamentarians will reduce from 751 to 705 for the next five years. 

In the run-up to these important elections, citizens are being encouraged to not only exercise their democratic right to vote, but also to make an informed choice by being aware what they are voting for.  

This is what the campaign thistimeimvoting.euspearheaded by the European Parliament is all about. The campaign calls on European citizens to spread the word among communities at a local and national level on the importance of knowing about various events and activities that are taking place in their respective country and also across Europe.  

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