MEUSAC is organising three virtual capacitybuilding sessions targeting non-governmental organisations (NGOs), schools and public entities. The sessions will be held this year as follows: 14 July for NGOs, 16 July for public entities and 17 July for schools. The sessions will last two hours and be held online. 

During the sessions, participants will be provided with information on the general principles of project writing and the application process for EUfunding opportunities. General principles to be covered include project writing tips, an explanation of technical jargon as well as a walk-through of the main questions usually found in EU funding applications and how to answer them.  

The sessions will deconstruct the project writing process into clearly defined phases and guide participants from identifying a relevant funding opportunity to completing an application for EU funds. 

During these sessions, participants will be able to ask any questions they might have. By the end of their session, participants are expected to be more knowledgeable of good practices in projectwriting and how to approach filling in an application form for EU funds. 

For further information kindly contact MEUSAC on 2200 3300 or