The Conference on the Future of Europe is a citizen-led series of debates and discussions, being held up to Spring 2022. The initiative is an opportunity for people from across Europe to share their ideas and help shape Europe’s common future on a number of key priorities and challenges.

The main hub of the Conference is the Multilingual Digital Platform through which citizens can share their ideas, discuss with others and take part in thematic events. The contributions from the platform will feed into the so called Citizens’ Panels and Conference Plenaries.

The Citizens’ Panels, composed of 200 randomly chosen citizens’ representatives from the Member States, will discuss their expectations from the Conference with the co-chairs of the EU institutions. Young people between 16 and 25 will make up one-third of each panel.

The Panels will feed into the Conference Plenaries, composed of representatives from the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission, national Parliaments and citizens. The Plenaries will discuss ideas stemming from the Citizens’ Panels and the Multilingual Digital Platform.

The proposals from the plenaries will then be drawn up in a report which will be published on the Multilingual Digital Platform.