On October 15, EU Ministers for employment, meeting at the EU Council endorsed the strategic framework on safety and health at work in view of important changes to the world of work such as the ageing of our societies.

The significant challenges the world of work is facing, threatens the stability of the EU’s labour markets and social protection systems. A high level of occupational health and safety is vital to address these issues by ensuring that working conditions make work sustainable for all because they assist people in their job and support them to remain in work.  are.

Ministers, among other things, highlighted that the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work 2021-2027 will help to ensure that occupational safety and health standards meet the requirements of the changing world of work, by amongst others minimising occupational risks.

The ageing of our societies risks our workforce to shrink. But fewer people in job means fewer people to contribute to our social security systems. That’s why we are focusing on making working conditions safe and healthy to ensure that people feel supported in their job and remain at work.