On July 14, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament  reached a provisional agreement on the 2030 policy programme ‘Path to the Digital Decade’.

This programme ensures that the EU meets its objectives and targets for Europe’s digital transformation as envisioned in the 2030 Digital Compass that sets out a vision of the EU successfully achieving a digital transition by 2030.

The Digital Decade Policy Programme aims to strengthen the EU’s digital leadershipby promoting inclusive and sustainable digital policies that serve citizens and businesses.

To this end, it sets out concrete digital targets in the areas of skills, secure and sustainable digital infrastructures, digital transformation of businesses and digitalisation of public serviceswhich the EU aspires to achieve by the end of the decade.

To ensure that these targets and objectives are achieved across the EU, this policy programme introduces a novel monitoring mechanism that is based on cooperation between the Member States and the European Commission.

The Digital Decade Policy Programme will now need to be formally approved by the Council of the EU and the European Parliament before it enters into force.